Documentation is needed to ensure compliance

- Sitra is Made-to-Audit

Sitra helps you create a centralised, dynamic service book that handles leases, warranties, manuals, regulations, personnel certification and any other internal documents. Sitra's enhanced resource and asset visibility and traceability means that it is a made-to-audit system that ensures easy compliance.


The Sitra - Document Management module enables railway operators to create a centralised, dynamic service book handling all leases, warranties, manuals, regulations, personnel certification and other documents, while Sitra - Enterprise Asset Management provides an overview of your company's assets, which combined with Sitra - HR & Safety Management allows you to handle all aspects of managing your enterprise from assets, documents, personnel, maintenance schedule and incident reports to issued public safety messages, passenger communication and penalty fare system. It means that access to all of your company's documents is at the tip of your fingers. 


Sitra is more than an incident log. Sitra allows you to link tasks and security procedures to specific sections of the pertinent regulatory framework. You have an overview over all assets and their physical location and can easily retrieve information about their condition and when maintenance was carried out last. 

When you are next subjected to a security audit, all you need to do is to point to the individual regulatory sections to showcase the procedures used to comply with them and the practical implementation of those procedures in finished field work tasks and which certified members of staff carried out the tasks. 


Reported incidents and observations are collected and combined with asset and workforce management statistics for analytical purposes. These vital security statistics can then be turned into KPI's which in turn help improve your audit performance.

Sitra supports every aspect of safety management, including reporting to national authorities in any preferred formats, including XML. 


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