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Penalty fares

Handling passengers riding without a ticket is difficult, but does all the administrative work have to be difficult, too? It does not have to be, if you let Sitra - Penalty Fares & Tickets do the work for you

One of your ticket inspectors has come across a passenger without a valid ticket. He pulls out a notebook, writes down the passenger's information and hands out a fine. The inspector has to deal with a potentially upset passenger for as long as it takes to get the passenger's information and write out a fine. At the end of the day, the inspector hands in copies of all the fines, which are then entered manually into a registry. 



Sitra - Penalty Fares & Tickets is based on Android and can be used on most handheld devices. Armed with a smartphone, your ticket inspectors can scan the passenger's national identity/social security card, at which point Sitra will do a background check to find all the relevant information, including retrieving and logging the passenger's address information and checking if the passenger has already been entered into your system. Using a mobile printer, the inspector can issue the fine and finish the interaction with the passenger.

Because it is an electronic, cashless system, it minimises the interaction time between your ticket inspector and the passenger and helps increase employee security. 


Sitra integrates with Verifone Payment terminals, meaning that Sitra can issue tickets and accept payment in situ. This includes tickets for one-off events or sporting events, where tickets can be issued e.g. instead of penalty fares, as an extra service to, or with a discount for, people holding membership cards or tickets to a specific event.

Sitra supports all forms of payment cards and contactless interfaces, including Danish Swipp, Mobile Pay and cash payment.


Debt collection is automatic and assembles all payment reminders for one person into a single penalty reminder notice, saving your staff the time that would have otherwise been spent sorting the penalty reminder notices manually.

Sitra is an advanced backend system that also has an electronic tickets and penalty fare issuing function that allows for full integration with all known ERP systems. Sitra handles the entire process, from issuing tickets and penalty fares to debt collection, integrating only with your ERP for backend purposes.

Sitra cleans up your registry and cuts down on the time spent handling the penalty fines so you can spend time on what really adds value to your customer relationships. 




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