Railway traffic information

Intelligent Traffic Information

In today's traffic infrastructure, information and communication is key. Quick and precise communication with frontline staff and passengers can help reduce the experienced waiting time and help ensure smooth operation.  

Sitra - Intelligent Traffic Information provides you with a traffic information system that helps you to ensure clear and instantaneous communication with the passengers. Providing passengers with updated, instant information helps reduce experienced passenger wait time.

A built-in message module can help with sending vital information out to displays and information stands on individual rail lines and in trains. The information to be dispatched can be entered manually or pre-programmed according to specified criteria such as planned future rail maintenance. 
When the train operations run at peak efficiency, Sitra gives you the opportunity to use the displays and information stands to showcase your own or commercial content.


Sitra - Intelligent Information is delivered as either a small or a large version.

The smaller version is delivered on tablets that the train driver can bring along. The train driver inputs what train he is currently operating on the tablet which then connects to a central server. The tablet then relays its position to the server thereby making it possible to, for example, calculate delays. The tablet can also be used for sharing internal information.

The larger version is a physical intelligent gateway that is installed in the train which both handles the on-board network infrastructure and can deliver services as it functions as a virtual server. It can theoretically handle up to six different ISP's and can run on most data networks, including 4G which runs on a low frequency band which is an advantage as it ensures a better connection with fewer outages when internet is used in the trains. This gives you the option of providing fast and stable net access.

Sitra can be configured to handle both employee networks, in-train passenger internet (free or pay-to-use), infotainment, messages and loudspeaker call




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