HR & Security Management

Human Resources and Security Management

Railway security depends on matching employees with specialised qualifications and skill sets with specific procedures and ensuring access to the latest editions of the legislative framework. By making the digitalisation process easier, Sitra - HR and Security Management enables management to optimise work process and employee efficiency by configuring a dynamic workflow and maintenance schedule.

The interaction between enterprise asset management, documentation management and safety management means that Sitra - HR & Security Management can be used to manage planned and reactive maintenance, procedures, workflows and task assignment while ensuring that only certified personnel are assigned specialised tasks. Sitra allows for map integration to get a visual overview of the locations of assets, trains and certified/qualified maintenance personnel.



Railway security depends on a number of highly trained employees with specialised qualifications and skill sets. By integrating with your HR system, Sitra can link employee skills and certification to specific procedures, and inform you of the need to renew or upgrade certifications.


Sitra enables instant communication of safety messages to employees and allows them to create in-field incident and fault reports, whereby Sitra becomes a dynamic warning system. Combined with real-time work order dispatching, it allows the user to configure a dynamic workflow and maintenance schedule that ensures that technicians always have access to latest versions of regulations, work procedures and certificates, and that tasks are carried out only by members of staff authorised to do so.

By allowing instant access to the latest document version, railway safety administrations can create and enforce security procedures and ensure easy compliance with regulations and legislation, thus contributing to a safe and secure railway system. 


Why leave security to your employees only? Just as the railway brings people together, so Sitra - HR and Security can bring and your passengers together. Sitra lets your employees create incident and fault reports, and you can also set up a form on your website where passengers can report incidents.


Fully integrated safety management

Our client needed help with getting control over a complex railroad security operation.

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