Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management Systems are the lifeblood of railway operations. Sitra - Enterprise Asset Management turns this old approach on its head by introducing an interactive solution using GPS data.

An enterprise asset management system is one of the most important systems in your entire operation. Working within a constrained budget environment, as maintenance operations often do, requires a system that can manage the whole life cycle of your rolling stock and fixed assets.

When a new asset is established or needs an inspection, a technician has to fill out a form, which is then handed in for digital processing in a back-end system. It is a process that uses valuable resources that could be put to more efficient use elsewhere. 

Furthermore, assignments are distributed manually, which often leads to technicians having to take several trips out to the same asset to fix an error that had not been put onto the monthly task list. Even locating the specific asset can sometimes take considerable time.


With Sitra, we wanted to do it differently. We equip your technicians with Near Field Communication tags - small electronic transmitters available in sticker form, or in a more robust plastic and metal form - that can withstand wear and tear. Using a mobile device with Sitra – Enterprise Asset Management, the technicians then scan these tags and - if the system does not recognise the specific tag - put in a system request to add the new asset. The technician then logs the relevant information into a dynamic system for easy retrieval.

Not only does Sitra – Enterprise Asset Management provide you with a simple, easy-to-use management system, it gives you the option of digitising and designing the forms to match your exact needs and specifications. This means that you can customise your asset management system, so that the information you retrieve is always relevant, and - more importantly - can easily be altered to match new circumstances as they arise.


Sitra - Enterprise Asset Management is an interactive, flexible asset management system that uses GPS data and NFC tags to increase asset traceability and visibility. It creates an overview of which assets are due for inspection, allowing railway operators to streamline their maintenance scheduling and delegate assignments to relevant, authorised employees. Sitra allows easy access to data via its intuitive, mobile platform using dynamic forms, which allows in-field fault reporting and easy error report management

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When our client needed a new Enterprise Asset Management system, we used a new approach to create a dynamic system using Sitra.

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