Document Management

Document Management

A train driver's traditional backpack can weigh up to 20 kg including all the required manuals and documentation. Every day their documentation may be updated requiring extensive editing, printing and distributing. This is both a cumbersome and expensive to maintain, but with the right document management solution, the process becomes both simpler and provides results. 



Sitra - Document Management allows users to edit, publish and distribute new document versions digitally. The outdated process of issuing and physically distributing and carrying paper documentation is made obsolete by creating a digital backpack.

With Sitra as your Document Management system, you can edit and publish new document version digitally. Your employees will then, each time they log onto the system, be reminded that a new version is available. Sitra's intuitive user interface allows employees to use Sitra to access documents and fill out forms with without prior training.

Security is also increased, since Sitra makes is possible to see who has opened and seen the corrections. It also allows you to see which of your employees have the right tools and certifications to carry out a set task.


By making the digitalisation process easier, Sitra - Document Management enables railway management to create a centralised, dynamic service book that handles leases and warranties, manuals, regulations, personnel certification and other internal documents.


A Digital Backpack makes things easier

Our client wanted to ease the burden off the employees' shoulders. Sitra - Document Management provided the client with a digital backpack.

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