A new way of working



Sitra is a simple and intuitive Enterprise Asset Management system for maintaining all aspects of railway and infrastructure operations, but Sitra is more than just an Enterprise Asset Management system, it is a new way of working.

Supeo's Enterprise Asset Management software system, Sitra, represents a new, more efficient way of doing document, workflow and enterprise asset management. Today, Sitra is the asset management system of choice for 95% of the Danish private railway sector and transportation companies, positioning Supeo as Denmark's lead provider.

Sitra is built on an open platform with a dynamic design to ensure that all our customers have an Enterprise Asset Management system tailored to their specific challenges and needs. The key to our approach is to just listen. - To listen to our customers in order to fully understand their problems and to transform that knowledge into usable software to solve those problems.

It is a solution based on a principle of simplicity aimed at keeping the time spent learning how to use to an absolute minimum. 


Sitra has five modules that each address a key area of railway operations. You can acquire a full solution or pick the modules that fit your specific needs.

Sitra is constantly being improved with new, exciting features. Contact us for a meeting and a demonstration of Sitra.

Enterprise Asset Management

Sitra - Asset Management is a flexible enterprise asset management system that allows easy access to data via its intuitive, mobile platform and use of GPS locators to manage the whole life cycle of your rolling stock and fixed assets

Document Management

Sitra - Document Management allows users to edit, publish and distribute new document versions digitally. The outdated process of issuing and physically distributing and carrying paper documentation is made obsolete by creating a digital service book.

Human Resource & Security Management

Sitra - HR & Security Management allows railway operators to manage personnel and security documentation to ensure compliance and a safe and secure railway system.

Intelligent traffic information

Sitra - Intelligent Traffic Information helps ensure clear and instantaneous communication with passengers via displays and information stands. 

Penalty fares

Sitra - Penalty Fares is an advanced backend system that handles the entire process from issuing tickets and penalty fares to debt collection.

Made to Audit

Sitra ensures enhanced resource, document and asset visibility and traceability, making it a made-to-audit system.

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