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"When we started our new project, we looked at the market to see who could provide what we needed. We contacted Supeo and quickly realised that they had experience with railroad systems.

It was quite easy to start working together on developing this project. We took it one step at a time, and Supeo consistently delivered on time. Every time we, for example, needed a small change Supeo was there by our side and could make the change, not just week by week but day by day."

Ivan Nielsen, Chief of Operations


ITS in Regionstog

Our work for Regionstog started in 2011, when the Danish passenger railway operator and infrastructure company Regionstog was close to abandoning a long running project called ”ITS i Regionstog”. The project was sidetracked, the main contractor had gone bankrupt and the project stood to lose approximately 1 million euro in government funding. 

Supeo stepped in and delivered solutions for the entire project. Within 1.5 years, the project was accepted as delivered, and remains an important part of backbone in the daily work in Regionstog today.
The project equipped all Regionstog’s stations and trains with infotainment screens, free internet and a unique management system, which continues to provide crucial business analytics that Regionstog uses to make important decisions today.

More information can be found on the project page below:

Click here for more information on the project at the danish transit authorities website

The digital backpack for Regionstog 

In 2012, Supeo delivered our first mobile Sitra solution for Android. Equipping all of Regionstog’s personnel with a replacement for the traditional paper printed manuals and safety regulations. Since then, the entire organisation has been equipped with Sitra on tablets or smartphones.

The solution has been expanded further since then, and today Regionstog also uses Sitra’s Asset Management module, OEE Module and Messaging Module, and forms have been digitalised and made available on the employees' tablets in the field/train.

Penalty fares were digitalised

In 2013, Supeo developed and delivered a module for the customer department, which transformed the old paper written penalty fare system with a new and modern automatic solution. With a module for Sitra, the train conductors can quickly issue penalty fares to customers who might have forgotten to buy a ticket. The solution saves time for the conductor and minimises possible escalation of the situation by quickly getting the job done and providing the customer with clear information about the penalty fare and how to complain.

We are continuing our great record of accomplishment with Regionstog in 2014 and look forward to working on new and exciting projects together.

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