Aarhus Letbane

Aarhus Letbane A/S

Denmark’s first light rail will be launched in Aarhus in 2017 and Supeo is ready to deliver Sitra.

The new light rail will connect existing rail lines by a new 12-kilometre rail through the city of Aarhus. When it has been completed, it will consist of 110 kilometres of light rail. It will have 50 train stations, 17 of those are will be built on the new stretch of rail line. The expectations are that the establishment of a light rail to complement the current public transportation infrastructure, lifting Aarhus from a city to a metropolis in time to mark Aarhus’ tenure as European Capital of Culture. 

Supeo is set to deliver to a Sitra Document and HR/security management solution that will help manage the entire spectrum of compliance and security management, including process control, quality assurance, delivery management and safety reports to the Danish Transport and Construction Agency. Supeo considers this a very interessting project because Aarhus Letbane is the position of establishing a new rail operation without residue from old systems, instead being allowed to build up the operation using experience, know-how and a system designed to encompass all necessary aspects from the start.

“We chose Supeo, because we did not want to go out and invent a new system from scratch. That is not what we were put in this world to do. We wanted something that we knew or knew somebody who had good experiences with it. Generally, our philosophy for Aarhus Letbane is not to go out and invent everything from scratch but to use existing product and knowledge.
e find that with Supeo there is a good understanding of our business and for how things work in practice too.” - Martin Møller-Lassen, CSO Aarhus Letbane

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