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Enterprise Asset Management systems are difficult to develop and implement. Often the entire infrastructure must be rebuilt from the ground up. When our client wanted to use Sitra, we turned everything on its head with a dynamic and hands-on approach.

For years, the traditional way of doing infrastructure management consisted of paper forms that were typed manually into a back-end system. It was a time-consuming affair that was also far from efficient enough in a continuously developing railway system.

Faced with this problem, the client came to us and asked for help.

The client was given two options: Import all your assets into Sitra and carry on with your way of doing things, the only change being making digital forms accessible on a mobile unit, or, turn the entire thing on its head.

After some deliberation they chose a new way of working with assets. 

Armed with Near Field Communication tags (small electronic transmitters), technicians marked the individual assets, scanned the tags with a mobile unit with Sitra installed, and plotted in the relevant information using dynamic forms. All information was then logged in Sitra - Enterprise Asset Management. All that their technicians need to do during maintenance visits is to scan the NFC tag again, look over the data from previous maintenance visits and insert data for the new one.


Our client enjoyed the built-in option in Sitra - Enterprise Asset Management of setting up mandatory values for the assets, which can trigger an alarm if a value diverges from the allowed. The alarm also triggers if an asset has gone to long without a maintenance visit.

Finally, the client had Sitra - HR & Security linked to their competence database and employees' calendars. By doing this they can see which employees are at work and match their competences to assignments that are due.

As an added bonus, the employees can also utilise the GPS signal on their mobile unit to see which assets geographically near them are due for a maintenance visit.

Enterprise Asset Management

Sitra - Asset Management is a flexible enterprise asset management system that allows easy access to data via its intuitive, mobile platform and use of GPS locators to manage the whole life cycle of your rolling stock and fixed assets

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