Monitoring railways

Fully integrated safety management

Today, railways are faced with a difficult challenge: To provide rapid and punctual transport for growing numbers of passengers while ensuring the utmost security. Sitra - HR & Security helped our client attain a high level of security management.

Every day, thousands of passengers commute to work, school and to visit family, friends and loved ones using our client's services. Each and every one safe in the knowledge that highly trained professionals are ensuring their safety.

But our client was facing a problem. The railroad operation had grown so complex, that they had trouble properly creating, logging and investigating incident reports. Further, there was a need for an easier way to integrate employee skills with security procedures.


With Sitra - HR & Security, the problem was quickly solved. Sitra enabled the client's employees to create incident notifications through dynamic forms. If a signal error almost causes two trains to collide, a case can be created that allows their specialists to investigate the incident to determine where the error lies and what can be done to prevent it from happening again, while easily documenting the entire process in Sitra.

In addition, the client's webpage was updated with an incident report form that linked directly to Sitra, through which passengers can report issues they notice during their daily commute.



Security procedures can be tailored to individual tasks and, using Sitra - Document Management, linked to specific sections of standards and regulatory frameworks, ensuring that employees always have a clear understanding of what they must do, as well as making the next safety audit quicker and less painful. Using Sitra - HR & Security in combination with Sitra - Document Management, all the client needs to do is point to the individual regulatory sections to showcase the procedures used to comply with them.

Finally, Sitra integrated with our client's HR system, allowing management to link individual employees' competences to specific security procedures, making it easy to see which employees need new certifications or should be upskilled.

Human Resource & Security Management

Sitra - HR & Security Management allows railway operators to manage personnel and security documentation to ensure compliance and a safe and secure railway system.

Made to Audit

Sitra ensures enhanced resource, document and asset visibility and traceability, making it a made-to-audit system.

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