Railway worker with Sitra solution

A digital backpack makes things easier

Every day the train drivers put on their uniform, adjusted their cap and swung their backpack over their shoulder. Their backpack contained all their manuals and documentation and could weight up to 12 kgs. It was a burden, not only for the train drivers, but also administratively. A less burdensome solution was needed. They found it in Sitra - Document Management.

As part of their uniform, train drivers carried a heavy backpack that contained their shift schedule, works orders, instructions, safety regulations and report forms - A total weight of around twelve kilograms.

Sometimes, these documents were available via company intranet, using different IT systems; others were printed out and distributed physically by the central operations office via pigeonholes.

At the end of the day, drivers had to fill out daily reports and incident forms on paper and return them to the central operations office to be entered into a backend system. Sometimes, the train drivers had to go through a hundred pages of updates.

Any corrections were put in correction sheets, printed and re-distributed. It was a both time-consuming and unsafe practice because confirmation of receipt was not always possible.



Supeo supplied the train drivers with tablets equipped with Sitra - Document Management, and now the train drivers can get access to the documentation needed to do their job instantly and easily. Each time they log onto the system, the device prompts for download of any new document editions, and the drivers can give confirmation of receipt.

The mandatory documentation paperwork can be done quickly and efficiently and sent to the central operations office digitally. Any changes in schedules, work orders or notifications about emergency repair work can be sent to the train drivers immediately.

And the drivers can use the devices to report faults and incidents back to the central operations office, which can then dispatch work orders directly to the maintenance units and information about the maintenance work to the train drivers.

It reduced the time usage and gave the train drivers more time for what really counts: Driving the trains.

Document Management

Sitra - Document Management allows users to edit, publish and distribute new document versions digitally. The outdated process of issuing and physically distributing and carrying paper documentation is made obsolete by creating a digital service book.

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