Supeo uses Docker computer software

Supeo has now fully implemented Docker as a part of our Sitra distribution platform for our Sitra server. This means that the rollout of new servers and server updates will become fully automatic, meaning that the risk of errors or need for human intervention in this process is diminished.

All our production environments are equipped with a sort of cookbook for the operative environment that our servers run, which means that we have complete control over the operative environments that our software runs in. Furthermore, our developers can work on developing the server in the exact same environment, which diminishes the risk of mistakes, since there is no longer any difference between production and development.

“Our customers will find that we are able to release new versions quicker, and that the process has become more streamlined. This is an important step towards continuous integration which will give our customers a better product at the end of the day” – Troels Hannecke, CEO and Founder

Docker is a brand new way of making virtual platforms using Linux containers, and the best way to describe the technology is that it is a way of packing programmes into several containers, that you can then send to the customer on one container ship, which equates the final Sitra application.

“Docker is going to revolutionise the way we make virtual infrastructure.” – Troels Hannecke



Docker is an open-source project that automates the deployment of applications inside software containers, by using shared operating systems, meaning that instead of virtualising hardware, containers rest on top of a single Linux instance, meaning that the process is a lot lighter in terms of system requirements.

Docker has experienced an unprecedented growth from 2014 to 2015, with an 18,082% growth in container downloads, and a 1720% growth in job openings. The adoption rate in production environments

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