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Railway operators today face a difficult challenge: To provide rapid, safe and punctual transport for growing numbers of passengers, while dealing with ageing infrastructure and tightly controlled budgets.


"We believe that through the exchange of ideas and experiences, we can create a better solution, together.”

Founder & CEO Supeo Group, Troels Hannecke


Supeo was founded in 2007, and has since then been working on developing and delivering enterprise asset management systems to the railway industry. The result, the Sitra suite, is a flexible IT solution that addresses key areas of maintaining an efficient transportation operation. 

We are the main provider of enterprise IT solutions to 95% of the private railway operators in Denmark.

At Supeo, we have a team of highly motivated employees, but we offer so much more; depending on what your needs are, we can be more than just a service provider. If you are not happy with just another out-of-the-box IT solution, then Supeo stands ready to improve and expand upon Sitra in close co-operation with you and your employees, so that you get a system that fits your specific needs and demands.

It is our experience that the users get more enjoyment and better benefits from their IT solution, if they are part of the development process. That is why we do not just provide a solution. We create a relationship between our clients and our employees.

At Supeo, we value input from our clients and we would love to improve our solution with your help as well as address your specific needs. And you can always be certain that Sitra will integrate with your other systems.

Supeo believes in excellence, delivering the best IT solution possible for the problem at hand, and delivering the best service to our clients. If we did not allow for integration between Sitra and other systems, we simply would not be delivering the best service.

That is why, when you acquire Sitra or other solutions from Supeo, you can be certain that it will be fully integrable with all your relevant systems whether it is your ERP or HR system.

If you have a problem that requires a technical solution then we would love to find the solution for you.





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